New look Japan Times, the coldest village on earth, and more from around the web

Welcome to the first edition of Around the Web, a collection of links to articles or websites that we found interesting this week. This feature will usually be posted on Thursdays. 


Did you feel it?


A 5.2 earthquake jolted eastern Hokkaido this morning, and while this kind of trembler is not a major event in Japan, it may have been enough to rattle some people out of bed. Did you feel it? Leave a note in the comments section to let us all know. Below is a Twitter post from an automated earthquake info account with all the hard details:


JTO 2.0: Into the future of new media


The Japan Times unveiled a new website this week, finally bringing the country’s biggest expat news source into modern times. Like Hokkaido Explorer, the new site uses a so-called responsive design, meaning it scales automatically and looks nice on smart phones even without an app. (Read more on the Japan Times website).


The coldest village on earth

By Blogpaedia (via Flickr)
By Blogpaedia (via Flickr)

Even the coldest parts of Hokkaido can’t match up to Oymyakon, a remote Russian village that is apparently the coldest on the planet. The Daily Mail online has a feature with lots of great photos showing what it’s like to live there. The locator map puts things in perspective as well: We may feel pretty well “north” in Hokkaido, but for the real fun we have to keep moving on up. Anyone up for a road trip?

Spotify workaround?

Tokyo-based translator and active expat-in-Japan Twitter-er Adamukun has posted a quick write-up on how he got US-restricted Spotify to work in Japan. It’s not too complicated, and lots of people are probably already using one of the noted methods, a VPN. Have a closer look here.

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