Twin polar bears are a big hit at Sapporo’s Maruyama Zoo

Twin polar bears play at the Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo

Twin polar bear cubs born at Sapporo’s Maruyama Zoo in December were made available for pubic viewing on March 22, drawing crowds of onlookers and photographers eager to get a first look. On Monday, I stopped by the zoo in the late afternoon unsure of whether we’d have a chance to see the twin cubs. But sure enough, when we reached the world bears area of the zoo, a large crowd (armed with pretty large camera lenses as well) was gathered around the enclosure. The twins spent some time playing before settling down for a meal.

Photographers at the Maruyama Zoo
Visitors snap photos of the twin cubs.
Polar bears at the Maruyama Zoo
Another look at one of the twins.


A rare sight

According to a release from the city of Sapporo (which operates the zoo), this is the only twin polar bear birth seen in Japan to date. The mother, named Rara, is an experienced mother, having given birth five times, the release added. The city also uploaded a video on YouTube in February which shows the smaller twins walking around their room (watch with the sound on to hear the bears speak).


Meanwhile, a short news report from NHK offers a more recent look at the bears on video.


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