Weekly Snapshot: A Clear Winter Scene in Naganuma, Yubari

The clear air makes the sunlight even sharper at this time of the year in Hokkaido.
A Clear Winter Scene in Naganuma, Yubari. The clear air makes the sunlight even sharper at this time of the year in Hokkaido. (Photo and copyright by Zenta Kashimoto)

Editor’s note: the Weekly Snapshot  will appear most Sundays, showcasing the work of a Hokkaido-based professional photographer. To submit your work for this feature, contact us for details. Our first contributor is Sapporo’s Zenta Kashimoto, whose work previously appeared in February’s feature article about Saori Ito. Kashimoto introduces himself below:

Hello, Hokkaido Explorer readers! Let me introduce myself here. I have been one of the contributors for HE since its establishment. I am a professional photographer and have been taking pictures for magazines, and also for weddings, concerts, shows, events and so on.

I am really excited to work with the HE staff. From now on I will be submitting my snap shots on a regular basis. I will also write short photo essays on the website once a while. I am hoping not only to contribute my photos, but also to share my ideas to make HE even better in the future. HE will make your life in Hokkaido even better and exciting thanks to its valuable content. So why not Explore further into Hokkaido with us?

 Zenta Kashimoto

Photographer / writer

Founder of CreativeMotionz (view on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeMotionz)


Correction: The headline and caption on this post originally misidentified the location of this photo as Chitose. It has been updated to show the correct location: Yubari. 

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