Event Report: Hokudai Festival

The Hokudai Festival started on  May 6 on the Hokkaido University campus.  The event, which wraps up today, is run by university students. The festival, in its 53rd year, has a concept called “Musubi,” a bond made up of three elements. The first is including all students of Hokkaido University. The second is integrating all of the small festivals held at the university (Hokudai Festival includes a number of smaller events operating together). The third element is expressing the uniqueness and establishing the identity of Hokkaido University. One highlight is surely the international food festival, in which a variety of booths are selling a range of foods and drinks prepared by international exchange students. Among the choices are toppogi from Korea, borscht from Poland, and paella from Spain.

Here are three snapshots from the festival:

D70_6273-1 D70_6280-1 D70_6287-1

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