Another fresh start, now with more baby

IMG_0376In the middle of the night after a busy shift at the bar, my wife opened the door to the bedroom and said something unintelligible, at least to me in my drowsy state. We had to go to the clinic she seemed to be saying. Nonsense, I though. It’s the middle of the night. And then, a light switched on.

You’re wife is nine months pregnant. Her water just broke. Move, you idiot.

And so we moved. Many hours later, we said hello to Eugene, who is now nearly four months old and, obviously, extremely cute in a baby sort of way.

Around the same time, I was working double shifts at my main job, helping out at the brewery in the mornings and still doing the normal bar shifts at night. This continued throughout the first several weeks of Eugene’s life. There was no time for anything but the important stuff. I stopped watching The Daily Show. I didn’t even have time for the weather report.

Everything together meant Hokkaido Explorer had to go on hold. I simply couldn’t juggle everything. But now I’ve shifted to the brewery full time (I’m still working at the bar on Saturdays) and double shifts are a thing of the past. So I would like to, once again, try a fresh start with this English language online magazine for Hokkaido.

In past notes like this one, I’ve mentioned how readers can get involved. Simply sending a tip about an event or story idea is one way. I’d also like to see some readers send comments or letters which we’ll be glad to publish. Anyone wishing to become a contributor can contact me directly by emailing editor (at) or by using the contact form here.

Especially, I’d like to hear from the community about what kinds of content you’d like to see here. As I type this, baby Eugene is smiling in the corner, and I can’t help but think that there are plenty of stories to be told about raising kids in Japan as expats or into international families. But what are your ideas? Me and Eugene, who I’ve just named the new associate editor, are ready to take your calls.


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