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So it seems that “Sakura” season is almost upon us, so breakout the picnic blanket and BBQ set because it’s time to get outside!

In the coming days we’re going to have a bunch of interesting and exciting seasonal stories for you, more specifically all that is “Sakura” going on around Hokkaido!

Remember if you’ve got a recommendation please let us know! Send a picture!

Speaking of pictures “Hokkaido Labo” has announced a photo competition!

1st prize is a range of gifts valued at ¥20,000!
Runners-up will get an Amazon card to purchase something online with!

How to enter your photo:
1. Go to their page here

2. Click the message button.

3. Send the pic along with your name, the location the shot was taken and what you were thinking of when you took the shot.

For more info on the competition and “Hokkaido Labo”, please check out their website! here

Special thanks to Aki Yoshida for the info, and of course “Hokkaido Labo” for making such an interesting competition!



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