Joshua Hamilton

Editor in chief Joshua Hamilton

Joshua has been living in Sapporo, Hokkaido for the last 6 years. However his first trip to Hokkaido was in 2006. “I have always wanted to live in Hokkaido” he says. An affinity for nature and the city life of Sapporo  is a good suit for him.
Growing up in Sydney, Australia. After finishing high school he worked for his fathers company, learning the ropes of the family business. Recruitment and company surveys came naturally to Josh, but he could never quite shake the acting bug. This led him to enrolling in drama school for the next 3 years. After graduating Joshua performed with professional and amateur theatre companies in Australia, as well as having a number of professional film credits. At the time there was a theatre and film work crisis in Australia. Funding was hard to come by, and being payed to perform wasn’t enough to make ends meet. In between waiting tables, Joshua and his friend Glen Hamilton decided to put their skills to use in the corporate sector. In 2007 they formed the production company Poignant Productions. After some help finding clients through his father, they began creating innovative business products for companies such as Chubb security, MMEM, IGA & Nutricia to name a few.
These products included:

  1. Company promotional materials
  2. T.V commercials
  3. In-house training and induction media
  4. Role-play based training.
  5. Occupational health and safety animation

During this time Joshua completed his degree with the University of New England, where he was also invited on a number of occasions to lecture and tutor students on performance theory.
After graduation Joshua completed his English teacher training at “International House” in Sydney, attaining both a CELTA and cert-4 Tesol teaching qualifications.
In late 2010 Joshua came to Sapporo, where he studied at High Technology School in Megumino, Eniwa city, graduating with a diploma in Japanese.
Between 2013-2015 Joshua worked for NOVA English school in and around Sapporo. On many occasions being voted the Top Teacher in Hokkaido and Japan. During this time Joshua also appeared in a number of T.V commercials and performance pieces in Sapporo.
As of Mid-2015 Joshua joined the Hokkaido Explorer family, taking the helm from it’s long time editor and now, utilising his business background, steering the company into a new and exciting era. Joshua still teaches part-time, however most of his time is spent developing “Hokkaido Explorer”.
With his background and skill set Joshua is bringing some exciting and innovative ideas and products to Hokkaido Explorer.
We not only want to make Hokkaido more accessible to tourists. We want to help the expat community with living here as well. Explore new and unknown parts of Hokkaido and help those communities and businesses thrive in the new age of tourism“.
In between his busy role as editor, Joshua has time for his post graduate study, specialising in voice/ vocal pedagogy and theatre. He also teaches seminars in voice and communication around Hokkaido.

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