Takanori Shimizu

Takanori Shimizu was born and raised in Hokkaido. Taka has been an invaluable source of information and help with building Hokkaido Explorers products.
Taka after studying at Otaru University went on to pursue studying his passion, film. After studying cinematography in Tokyo, Taka came back to Hokkaido where has been working as a professional film maker for the last 7 years.
A few years ago Taka established the creative space Studio Dango, located in Sapporo’s affluent area of Maruyama. At this space Taka hosts local & international musicians and creatives as well as seminars ranging from voice to making Japanese sweets.
Taka takes on may roles at Hokkaido Explorer, such as film director, director of photography and photographer.
In his free time Taka enjoys taking photos, discussing film, musical festivals and travelling the world to gain more knowledge. Check out his photos here

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