Area guide: Shin Sapporo.

A lot of the action in Sapporo does occur around the downtown areas such as Odori and Susukino, but if you wanna get to know this city a little more intimately, it would be wise to head out into the suburbs.
I lived in Shin-Sapporo for 4 years, after which I decided to move closer to town, but I find myself trying to get out there as much as I can. The locals are very friendly and the food is top notch. Here is a a couple of must try places the next time you want to take a little food journey off the beaten track.

Oyako Punch

Must try their “Genkotsu” fried chicken. “Genkotsu” means fist, and the pieces are literally the size of a fist! Their ¥100 stew is also delicious. It can get quite busy on the weekend so do try and make a booking.
Also like to mention that they’re very family friendly. Perfect if you’re travelling with young kids!

Check out their Facebook page here


Monkichi Shouten

Just across the street from Oyako Punch is this famous seafood restaurant. Their Sashimi and special menu is varied and seasonal. Monkichi also has restaurants in other parts of the city including Sapporo station, Shiroishi and also a shop in Asahikawa.

Monkichi’s Facebook page



Finally, I would like to recommend “Kon”. Very famous for Oden, Yakitori and pub food. Besides the food they have a fantastic selection of Japanese sake. Give “Otokoyama” a try.

Check out Hotpepper for some great details.

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