Pathfinder: Open lines in easy-to-find backcountry


By Corey French

Inahorei mountain is located just north of the Kiroro Ski Resort. It is certainly a good fit for a Pathfinder post because it is just off the beaten path while maintaining accessibility. Getting there is as simple as taking the earliest train that stops at Ginza Station, clicking into your skies and hiking the mountains directly to your left just off the platform. It offers amazing backcountry lines with trees for the beginner and expert skier alike. An easy to navigate ridgeline brings you to the foot of the final elevation to the Inahorei peak with enough time to make several runs. It is an area that passes below the radar far too often, and after seeing the seemingly endless lines available from the peak, I think you will join me in wondering why. To see some of the powder my friends and I got our boots into take a look at a video we made.


About Pathfinder

Hokkaido Explorer’s Pathfinder is a section featuring short posts about an off-the-beaten path spot anywhere in Hokkaido submitted by a reader or regular contributor. Like the above example, a Pathfinder submission should include a brief description of the place, including its location, along with two or three photos. Submit your info and pictures to and we’ll do the rest!

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