毛ガニ Hairy crab


毛ガニ Hairy Crab
毛ガニ Hairy Crab

In Northern Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk holds one of Hokkaidos Spring delights “毛ガニ” or “Hairy Crab”. During the cold months of winter these crabs lay idle until the warmer waters in Spring! So now is the best time to enjoy! To enjoy the sweetest crab meat its best to get to the fishmongers after midday. Typically eaten boiled on top of an old newspaper, after eating just fold up the left overs and put’em in the bin! Could this be Hokkaido style?

北海道オホーツク海側でこの季節の楽しみは、「毛ガニ」です! 流氷がある冬の間、海底でじっと動かなかったこの時期のカニが、一番美味いのです! 特に昼過ぎから店頭に並ぶ、その日獲れたものは甘くて絶品ですよ!


Photo and content courtesy of Jong-nam Itami

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