What food’s in season now in Hokkaido? “Shun” Episode 2

Hokkaido Explorer presents 旬 “Shun”
This month we are at “Shun” H.Q and we are cooking up a storm. We not only want to inform you of current seasonal foods and trends, but give you the chance to try and cook something yourself. Not only is it simple, it’s easy on the pocket, but packs a flavour punch.
This month we would like to introduce cabbage. Hokkaido cabbage is sweet and crunchy. Good enough to have on it’s on. Salty “Konbu” Cabbage is a popular “Izakaya” dish which you may have come across during your stay in Japan.
One thing we forgot to mention. You need to eat it soon after you have cut and washed the cabbage. Otherwise it will start to ferment and become a little bitter.
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今回は ”旬” 本部で今月の旬を紹介します!
今月は キャベツ です。北海道のは甘くて、そのまま食べられます。今回は ”塩昆布キャベツ” です。






Produced by Hokkaido Explorer.
Filmed & edited by Hideshi Tsunematsu
Written & presented by Joshua Hamilton
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