Ride an “Eco trolley” at the base of a mountain!

Summer vacation plan no.2
In Hokkaido, up until 25 years ago, there was quite a lot of local railway lines that were unfortunatley demolished.
However, these abandoned tracks through the aid of local volunteers and railway fans have found new life! New hand made tracks have been placed along where the old ones used to be. In Rikubetsu and Mikasa you can ride on such new tracks and feel like you’ve been transported to the past.
This “Eco trolley” in Central Hokkaidos “Kamishihoro” town, goes along a 1km course at the base of the mountain. It take about 20 minutes to complete. You don’t have be stong either. The cart, which weighs 160kg, was easilly operated by my 5 year old daughter! I was very proud!
A great summer vacation wasn’t it!
Pictures and story courtesy of Jong-nam Itami.

小さな力で重い物を運べる鉄道の特性そのままに、合計体重160キログラムを超える両親を乗せた台車を5歳の娘でも押すことができて、とても得意げでした! 良い夏休みとなったことでしょう!

この写真と記事はJong-nam Itamiの提供です。

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