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Welcome to August! It’s already beginning to feel like a hot one! So, stay hydrated and be sure to slap on the sun screen!
Now to this months events! There is a lot happening around Hokkaido this and next month, heres a brief run down.


Hokkaido Explorer
At Hokkaido Explorer we are working hard to bring you the latest info about this wonderful part of Japan. At the moment we are only a very small team. Coming up this month we will have more video stories, promotions and articles to help travellers and the expat community.
If you would like to help out why not join our community Hokkaido explorer information network & share your news with us!

The Rio Olympics begins this Friday. If you don’t have cable TV you can catch the highlights on NHK. Great opportunity to hit a sports bar in town though! Highly recommend “Jersey Bar” in Tanuki Koji, Sapporo. Facebook page

“Obon” holidays begin on the 11th of August. If you’re unfamiliar with this holiday, it’s the busiest holiday of Summer in Japan. People make their way back home, go on vacation and catch up with friends. Getting around during this season can be very expensive and time consuming if you’re driving somewhere far. If you’re staying in town there should be lots of local events happening in your neighbourhood. Why not give the “Obon” dance a try!

About “Obon”
“Obon” (around Aug. 15) is the festival when Japanese Buddhists pray for the dead and welcome the spirits of their ancestors. During this period, people return to their hometown and have family reunions. Bon dance to celebrate the dead is the highlight of the festival

Hokkaido marathon is on the 28th. Deadline to enter has already passed, but why not grab a picnic and a few bottles of water and cheer for the runners!

For more details about Sapporo, please visit “What’s on in Sapporo?” Facebook page
Central Hokkaido

Susukino Festival. Thursday the 4th until Saturday the 6th.
A very busy festival held in Sapporo’s red light district of “Susukino”. During the day you can see participants move the “mikoshi” (portable shrine), it’s an amazing thing to observe so don’t miss it!
At night is when this festival is most crowded. Restaurants and bars have stalls on the streets, selling everything from “Atsuage” to “Zaru Soba”. I have worked at this festival a few times, and the atmosphere is great! Word of caution. I highly recommend eating food from the popular/ reputable companies stalls. The people cooking don’t often have experience preparing and storing food! They are just part timers. However having a drink at any one of the stalls shouldn’t pose a problem.

Yukata festival. 

Wear a yukata and join the 23rd Sapporo Yukata Matsuri! Have fun watching a yukata fashion show while eating and drinking. A ¥2,500 ticket includes food, drinks and a chance to win big prizes. Date: Aug. 6 (Sat.) 1–4 p.m. (doors open 12 p.m). Venue: Tanuki 2-jo Hiroba Soseigawa Park, (Chuo-ku, Minami 3-jo Nishi 1-chome).
*sourced from “What’s on in Sapporo?”

Sapporo Rising Sun Rising Sun Rock Festival (RSR) 2016 in Ezo will be held at Ishikari Bay New Port all night through Aug. 12 (Fri.) and 13 (Sat.). Many famous Japanese musicians perform on stages. Hours: Aug. 12 (Fri.), 3–11 p.m. (open 10 a.m.) and 13 (Sat.), 12:30 p.m.–5 a.m. (open: 10 a.m.). Tickets: Two-day ticket without a tent site, ¥18,500. One-day ticket without a tent site for the 12th: ¥9,300, for the 13th: ¥13,000. Two-day ticket with a tent site and with an auto-camping site are sold out. Parking ticket: ¥2,100. Venue: Tarukawa Wharf of Ishikari Bay New Port (Otaru-shi, Zenibako 5). Access: a 40-min. drive from JR Sapporo Sta. A 40-min. shuttle bus ride from Asabu Subway Sta. (Namboku Line). Check out the RSR website or download the mobile app for details. ●Info: WESS, 614-9999,
*sourced from “What’s on in Sapporo?”

Beer gardens around Hokkaido

*Below is a list of SOME of the beer gardens going n around Hokkaido at the moment. 

Odori Park
Sapporo Odori Beer Garden.
On until the 15th of August.

Norebesa Beach Garden.
On until September 3rd.
All you can eat lamb BBQ and drink for ¥4,500.
Link (Japanese only)


Otaru Beer (company) Beer Garden
On until the 15th of August.
pamphlet (Japanese)


New Chitose Airport Beer Garden.
On until August 31st.
Sapporo beer hall info (Japanese only)

“Genki desuka” Asahikawa Beer Garden.
On until August 27th.
Homepage (Japanese)

Hotel Tetora Beer Garden.
On until the end of September.
Lamb BBQ and all you can drink plan ¥4,000.
Event link (Japanese)


Summer in Japan means fireworks! Here’s a list of fireworks events coming up.
*Below are the times for the fireworks displays ONLY. Please click the links to the areas tourism office for event details. We apologise if there is no link in English. We will inform them about this! 

Central Hokkaido 

The UHB Hanabi Taikai (fireworks festival) was rescheduled t tomorrow evening 19:40~20:30 by Toyohira river. Lets hope the clear weather holds out! If you can’t get out to see it just tune your TV to UHB.

Tomakomai Harbour Festival.
Friday the 5th of August from 7:30pm.

Hokuryu town
Himawari fireworks display. 
Wednesday the 3rd of August from 8pm.
Sightseeing info


Asahikawa Summer Festival.
Thursday the 4th of August from 7:45 pm

Northern Hokkaido 

Rishiri island Fireworks display 
Thursday the 4th of August from 8pm.

Southern Hokkaido 

Taiki Clear Stream Festival 
Monday the 8th from 7:30 pm
Taiki homepage

Muroran Port Festival
Saturday September 3rd from 7:30pm
Muroran homepage

Eastern Hokkaido 
Honbetsu Town Festival
Saturday September 3rd from 7:30pm
Honbetsu homepage

Don Paku Fireworks Display 
Saturday September 3rd from 7pm

If you know anything else that’s happening around Hokkaido, feel free to let us know here or via or Facebook page.

Have a great one!

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