Kaori’s corner ・ カオリのコーナー

These days when I’m too busy to take time to make a cake, I completely rely on fruit.
Cut the watermelon in the shape of a cake, it really looks like a big red cake. A large watermelon can be cut into large, medium and small pieces. Placed one on top of the other it looks goregeous.
The “congratulations” message is in celebration of my third son scoring his first ice hockey goal.
With an alphabet cookie cutter I made the letters and used bananas for the hockey sticks. Finally a chocolate cookie is used as a hockey puck.
For my second son’s birthday we had a 3 kinds of cheese cheese cake topped with a birthday message again written with fruit.

I did cut a few corners, but maybe I’m the only one who can notice lol ^^

Congratulations と書いてあるのは、三男がアイスホッケーで初ゴールを決めたお祝いです。

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