“Abura-age” & “Hoppy” @ Beast Kitchen

Located just next to the Western side of Tanuki Koji, where not just Beast, but a number of other little eateries are keeping as busy as bees.
I ate the Fried tofu “Abura-age” topped with miso & cheese, then washed down with a bottle of “Hoppy”. It was fantastic!
Hoppy has an interesting story about its invention, however thats for another time. To put it simply you’re given a glass with ice and Sake or Shouchu ( a spirit distilled from either barley, sweet potato or rice ) which you mix with Hoppy ( a non alcoholic beer tasting drink ). If you have a preference for what kind of alcohol you would like with it, please ask. I don’t know why, but since first coming to Japan I have loved it!
They have a course menu with all you can drink ( from 2 persons starting from 4,500円 per person )
Open from 6pm to 12am ( Last order for food 11pm, drinks 11:45 )
Do try and grab a seat at the counter. The staff are very friendly and would be happy to help you to have a fantastic stay in Sapporo!
So, if you’re in town and looking around for a great place to spend the evening, give Beast Kitchen a try today!

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