Suntory launches clear no-alcohol, zero-calorie beer.

Website, Japan Today, reported this morning of a new alcohol-free and calorie-free beer. This, for many, would not come as a shock as Japanese beer companies have been selling this kind of beverage for years. However, the big catch with this product is that it is clear! As in does not look like beer! The idea is that by removing the beer colour it would invite more people to drink the product while say, in the morning or after a workout. Check out the YouTube video. It’s hilarious! Now, if I saw someone at a party drinking an alcohol-free beer I would think to myself that they are acting responsibly. However, in the morning or at work… Alarm bells are ringing! Now with this new clear version you can look like you are drinking beer anytime of the day! How about at work! I am sure this product will invite a few odd looks from coworkers. Anyway, watch the video and let us know what you think.
To check out the whole story click on the link Japan times

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