After almost 25 years, Kirin Beer Garden will close.

If you have stayed around or walked around Sapporo’s famous Nakajima Park, you might have caught a whiff of delicious lamb BBQ? It comes from the Kirin Beer Garden located less than a minute walk from Nakajima subway station. We visited there last Monday evening to enjoy some beer and lamb BBQ. And, while we were there we had a chance to chat to the manager on duty. She couldn’t give us the exact details as to why they’re closing, or if whether or not they will open another restaurant, but my partner mentioned that she had been told that the building was too old and needed to be torn down. In fact, before it was a beer garden there was a famous cabaret, then a wedding and bridal venue. Their shop in downtown Sapporo will remain open.
The Kirin Beer Hall will open its doors for the final time this Sunday! We hope to see you there!

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