Never been a better time to visit Hokkaido.

Hi Explorers!

It has never been a better time to visit Japan. Particularly, Hokkaido.
Due to the earthquake earlier last month many tourists cancelled their travel plans and who could blame them! However, this also left a lot of businesses around Hokkaido in the lurch because no tourists means no tourist dollars.

To help the island, the government is giving aid to airlines, hotels and other businesses. The newspaper, Mainichi, reported:

“A total of 11.2 billion yen will be provided for steps to support Hokkaido’s tourism industry after the magnitude-6.7 quake caused a drop in the number of tourists to the northern main island, one of the country’s most popular travel destinations.”.

We are unsure if whether or not this aid will extend into the high season but we doubt it. Therefore it would be best to get online this month and secure hotels and flights for a good price. I personally have already taken advantage it.

My mother will be joining us next month and I got her a great deal at the Grand Hotel. A whopping 70% off! The government will only cover up to 5 nights though.

So get online and start booking!

Also, for you Aussies planning a trip. Jetstar is offering some fantastic deals. Including free return flights.

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