Let Travel Hokkaido guide you on your next trip.

Your Travel Hokkaido is an entirely local team with experience in creating the “local experience” for your next trip to Hokkaido. The team made up of Hokkaidoians and expats who not only manage tours but run many hostels and between them have many years of backpacking experience around the world. Combined this creates a tour company that supports the community and loves meeting new people.
The company’s director Shunsuke Ohata put a fantastic team of people together who each have unique skills and exciting backgrounds. This group of individual and well-travelled individuals can take the worry and trouble out of transportation and planning so you can make the most of your Hokkaido adventure!

“We believe Hokkaido is one of the most spectacular places in the world, and it’s our dream that you would come to love it as much as we do.”.
Shunsuke Ohata.

And he’s right! Hokkaido is a spectacular place! That’s why I have been calling it home for the last ten years. Hokkaido offers the perfect balance of nature, adventure and fantastic food with the convenience of modern city living. From the capital city Sapporo you can get to any one of hundreds if not thousands of tourist hotspots, festivals, attractions and restaurants.

One of Your Travel Hokkaido’s recommended tours is their Asahiyama Zoo & Biei Blue Pond tour. Asahiyama zoo sits near the surrounding mountains of Asahikawa. Asahikawa is only a short 2-hour ride from Sapporo. But getting to the zoo from the Asahikawa can be trouble from my experience. There’s just a local bus that gets very crowded to and from the zoo. I highly recommend finding alternate transport or give a tour a try.

When speaking to Peta about why they want you to try this tour, ” A big aim is to create an atmosphere where people can make friends with other travellers and the guide and really enjoy the day.”

Fantastic! Because a holiday is not only about the destination but about the people and connections, you make along the way.

Peta continues “Because our background is running hostels and guesthouses for backpackers, we aim to create this guesthouse friendly environment on the bus too “.

On this tour, you’ll also enjoy lunch at one of Asahikawa’s most famous ramen shops. Asahikawa is considered one of the birthplaces of modern Japanese ramen.

After seeing all of the animals, in particular, the adorable marching penguins the tour will take you to one of Hokkaido’s most famous attractions. The Blue Pond and Shirahige Falls of Biei. In winter viewing the blue pond is particularly beautiful.


Well, I’m sold! And so should you be! You’re on holiday so take the hassle away and let Your Travel Hokkaido show you a fun way to enjoy your trip.

Tour details.
Tour time: 10 hours.
Availability: December to February.
There is no minimum age but a maximum of 12 persons per tour.
Price from Β₯10,000 which includes all tour expenses.

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Hokkaido Explorer verdict: Bargain!!!

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