Eats on the cheaps in Hakodate!

Once local haunts have become very popular for international tourists. Hakodate Asaichi is one such place. Don’t get me wrong! I love fresh seafood like the next person, but I don’t feel like sometimes waiting an hour to be seated, or be amongst a crowd of people taking selfies or pushy fishmongers selling their days catch. Hey, but if you like that then, by all means!

They have a great selection of rice-bowls and seafood, though.

A place my wife and I like to go is a little bit of a walk from the hustle and bustle of Hakodate station, but here you can enjoy relative calm and be surrounded by real locals. Also, people think you’re strange if you take photos of yourself! Ha! Love that!

Quiet exterior.

Jiyu Ichiba, is this place. Jiyu means freedom in Japanese plus you do feel free of the crowds and the pressure to buy something.
My wife first introduced me to this market. On our way to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms at Goryokaku, we stopped by here to send some fishy souvenirs to the inlaws and pick up a few treats to eat at our Hanami party.

Best Hanami party ever!

Couldn’t have met more helpful people during our stay in Hakodate. I found some locals in Hakodate to be a bit snooty. Call it pride (like people in Kyoto), but like the Kyotians they put up with a lot of crap from tourists.
While we were waiting for the fishmonger to organise our packages, they gave us some squid and Japanese tuna on the house! I’ve never experienced that before. Usually, if you take a sample then don’t buy anything, you’re met with a little disdain.

This Sashimi was so good!

If you’re a newbie to Japan, you must check out all the sightseeing places first. Sure, they’re pretty awesome places! But, do be sure to do as the locals do and while you’re there try to act like one. You don’t have to take many photos to remember your trip. Also, be sure to ask before you shoot.
Many people take pictures of people these days without asking. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Explorer, out!

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