Earthquake information

Hi Explorers, it’s been awhile! The best way to keep up to date with us is to follow us on Facebook. 

Here is a list of information you may find useful in the event of another earthquake.

The Web

Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Information   click here
Available Languages; Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Russian.
This site will also offer link to your area were there an emergency. Click your area and it will send you to a page giving you emergency information. Many smaller areas are in Japanese. Try to contact the number on the page.

Emergency hotlines

Sapporo Citizen Contact Center 011-222-4894
Available Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
Although it is in Sapporo, if you have no alternative in your location, please contact them for information on what to do.

More info to come and please follow us on Facebook for up to date information. 

Picture: Jun Hori

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