Gyoza Bar

Greetings Explorers! Hope you had a great weekend regardless of the weather! Must EATS! (food pics at the bottom)

On the weekend, the wife and I try to get out to as many new spots as often as we can. Last weekend was no exception. We hit some fascinating places and look forward to sharing them with you.
Just a side note we’d like to mention. Over the last month or two, we’ve been shocked by the shortage of staff at many restaurants. We make a habit of chatting with the team to find out what’s up. It just so happens that a lot of restaurants have a severe shortage of part-time staff. The two most recent restaurants we went to had only a chef and a manager to run a whole business on a busy Sunday! With that said we’d appreciate our readers’ patience when they’re visiting Hokkaido. Due to a lack of staff, many restaurants will have a tough time. We appreciate your understanding.

Located in the basement of NORBESA, Sapporo.

We went to a restaurant located in Sapporo’s famous Norbesa building. As the restaurant’s name clearly states, this is a gyoza (dumpling) shop. They offer many different kinds of dumplings and have a large selection of Otsumami (side dishes), which are great with a beer.
The deep-fried gyoza was particularly good! Japan does so well at making anything crispy and decadent.
Head on by and try it out for yourself!

The stand gyoza were very good!

The deep-fried ones were incredible!
Fried sweet potato with butter and salted konbu.
Prawn and shiso spring-rolls with spicy sauce.

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