Hokkaido Wilds free Skiing, touring and hiking website.

The Hokkaido Wilds is a not-for-profit website that exists to inspire people to explore and enjoy Hokkaido’s extraordinary outdoors by ski, bicycle and foot in an informed and responsible way.

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The Hokkaido Wilds had its beginnings with long time Hokkaido resident Rob Thomson’s personal travel blog 14degrees.org. Rob started blogging in English about the Hokkaido adventures he was enjoying with his wife Haidee, in 2010. This was driven mainly by wanting to let friends and family know what he was up to in this ‘foreign’ land. The drive to including detailed route information, however, was due to the lack of useable information in English regarding cycle routes, trailheads and other outdoor activities in Hokkaido.

Now, with more non-Japanese speaking visitors and residents in Hokkaido than ever before, Rob felt it was time to create a website that focussed more squarely on this awesome place that is Hokkaido. Hence, all the Hokkaido-related content from 14degrees.org has now been transferred to The Hokkaido Wilds, edited into a more easy-to-explore format.

As of 2018, much of the content on The Hokkaido Wilds was created by Rob and Haidee, but inspired by plenty of publicly and freely available information in Japanese. They’ve also had the pleasure of sharing adventures with other Hokkaido residents and visitors alike. As such, The Hokkaido Wilds is somewhat of a ‘community’ effort, focused on open-source, freely available Hokkaido outdoors information in English.

Where time allows, Rob wants to allow others to contribute routes and information to the site, to further build this resource.

Keep Exploring!

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