“Nonky Land”?

Worth the hike             遠いけど、行ったほうがいい

Nestled between “Kitami” & “Abashiri” in the East of Hokkaido is the lovely town of “Ozora”.
Hokkaido you might say is the “dairy state” of Japan, and with it’s seemingly endless fields of green it’s not hard to imagine.
The “Higashimokoto Nyurakukan” or “Nonky Land” as it’s more affectionately known is famous for it’s mouthwateringly delicious cheese. Just look at this pizza! And from the end of this month they’ll be debuting Camembert Cheese soft serve ice cream!
Now getting there may be a little far for some, so why not order some cheese through their site! http://nyurakukan.com/about.htm
Need any help guiding the site? Let us know ^^

ひがしもこと乳酪館 ”NonkyLand”のピザは生地もおいしいです!


Special thanks to Jong-nam Itami for the photo and Mariko Hara for the article idea!
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