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[FARMER’S HERB in Kitami]

Kitami is a city in Okhotsk Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan.
If you ask anyone about Kitami they’ll say it’s famous for “Yakiniku”, BBQ. True it is, but thats not all there to this wonderful city.

For example, before World War 2, they produced 70% of all the worlds peppermint! Now they may not, but theirs is famous for it’s quality. Besides peppermint there are many interesting things to do. We visited a wonderful organic cafe located on the hillside overlooking the city.

If you’re in town, definitely give the BBQ a try, but try exploring the other spots in this wonderful city!
More Kitami videos to come soon!

Filmed & directed by by Hideshi Tsunematsu
Presented & produced by Joshua Hamilton

例えば、第二次世界大戦前には、ハッカで世界の70%のシェアがありました。今でもオーガニックのハッカやハーブが有名で、Hokkaido Explorerでも色々回ってきました。

今回は、ハッカのオーガニック商品やハーブティーを楽しめる丘の上のカフェ「FARMER’S HERB」の紹介です。

FARMER’S HERB facebook page :

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