Souvenir ・ お土産

Kitami Yakiniku Cookie.

♫ “I have a cookie” ♫
♫ “I have some Yakiniku…” ♫
♫ “…Ugh! Yakiniku Cookie!” ♫
Yakiniku Cookie? It’s actually pretty good!
While we were filming in Kitami we stopped by the well known sweets shop “Seigetsu”, located a few minutes from JR KItami station.
The owner was generous enough to show us around and let us sample as much as we wanted! “I’ll start eating healthy from tomorrow!” I said, but I don’t think I could give up eating the delicious “Yakiniku” BBQ cookies!
We sat down and filmed an interview with the owner. He spoke about the shops long history as well as how the Yakiniku cookie came to be. “Kitami is famous for Yakiniku as you know. The “tare” dipping sauce is also. My Son, who loves it, decided to mix the tare with our cookie mix, and after a few attempts we found the flavour we wanted”.
And presto! The Yakiniku cookie is born.
The cookie has hints of ginger and BBQ. It’s actually really hard to put into words, but it’s delicious. So give it a try today!
We highly recommend going to Kitami. It is a wonderful town full of warm and welcoming people, delicious food and interesting sites. If you can’t get there, the cookie is available to purchase from most souvenir shops.
Interview & other video content on Kitami coming soon!
We are planning to go to the annual BBQ festival next February. Why don’t you tag along!
Pictures courtesy of Tomohiro Yano
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お土産 ・ 焼肉のまち北見クッキー

♫ “I have a cookie” ♫
♫ “I have some Yakiniku…” ♫
♫ “…Ugh! Yakiniku Cookie!” ♫



この間仕事で北見に行って、有名なお菓子屋さん ”清月” に入らせていただきました。社長さんにお店の歴史と焼肉クッキーの発明の動画をとっていただきました。



写真はTomohiro Yanoさんの提供です。

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