Can’t get to Hokkaido in time for the Cherry Blossoms? We got you covered!


Sadly, the cherry blossom season is only very short in Japan. Hokkaido is lucky because we are the last part of Japan to bloom. So, while everyone down south is feeling glum, we are about to feel great!
Luckily, if you miss out you can still catch a glimpse of this little guy. The Shibazakura, known as Phlox moss in English.

Get out and see the shibazakura 芝桜 at Takinoue park near Monbetsu in North Eastern Hokkaido.
You can see this beautiful carpet of pink until mid June.

Takinoue isn’t the only place you can catch this little guy. Higashimokoto Shibazakura park is also well renowned. Located close by to the seaside city, Abashiri. Unfortunately, both places can be quite time consuming to get to so we recommend staying overnight rather than being on a pass or a train for most of the day.

Both JR Hokkaido and Chuo Bus do tour packages. Check out their websites for more details.

For more info checkout the link

Keep exploring!

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