Toshi : Sky J

I went to a birthday party at Sky J.  It is on the 35th floor of JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo (Kita 5, Nishi 2 – 5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo).  You can enjoy wonderful buffet-style dishes, many kinds of special courses and fantastic views of the sky and downtown Sapporo.

I had a dinner course with all you can drink.  Besides that, I ordered cocktail.  A cocktail was about 1, 800 yen.  It was a little expensive but I loved it because it was tasty and it came with a cute teddy bear. 

There are a lot of special courses, such as an Anniversary Plan, a Christmas Plan, and Night View Pair Plan, and so on.  The Anniversary Plan comes with cake decorated with messages and a photo on a cardboard for everyone. 

Of course, the food was very good.  The night view that is one of the new three major night views of Japan was so beautiful then.  I had the happiest moment ever.

<Grammar Point>



*with ~: This course is with all you can drink.

*come with ~: This course comes with all you can drink.

*include 〜: This course includes all you can drink.

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