Masumi : UNAGI Futaba

My favorite eel restaurant is UNAGI Futaba.  This restaurant has been around for over seventy years.  It is located in Susukino, Sapporo.  It’s at Minami 5, Nishi 7, 3-2.

My most favorite dish is Unadon.  Unadon is a bowl of steamed rice with grilled eel on top.  It comes with soup and pickles.  Their eels are sent directly from Kyushu and Shizuoka which are famous for production of fresh and delicious eels.  The eels are carefully steamed and grilled by skilled chef.

I recommend their eel liver, too.  It is a little bitter but so delicious and good with beer.

This restaurant is always crowded because it is very popular among local people.

<Grammar Point>

Cooking Vocabulary:調理法に関する語彙:「焼く」

grill: 焼き網や鉄板などを使い焼く

broil: 直火で焼く

roast: 遠火でじっくり焼く(火を通す)

bake: パンやお菓子を焼く

toast: トーストを焼く

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