Hokkaido With Kids: Sapporo’s Akarenga Terrace

Submitted by Satoko Traylor

Akarenga Terrace diaper-changing room
The diaper-changing station on the 2nd floor of the Akarenga Terrace. Pictured: Eugene Traylor, frequent visitor.

Sapporo’s Akarenga Terrace, home to a variety of restaurants, shops, offices and more, is located just a short walk from Sapporo Station as well as the central Odori Park. Many of the restaurants are fully non-smoking — relatively rare in Japan.

But the biggest attraction here for parents with young children is found on the second floor: a large, well-equipped diaper-changing room and nursing room. The nursing room has four compartments with curtains for privacy. Of course men are not allowed here, but a separate area for diaper changing is open to fathers as well. There are three diaper-changing spots, complete with a useful space to the side for bags, baby-wipes, or the incoming clean diaper. This extra space is rare in public changing facilities but it’s very helpful.

The room also features a sink for hand-washing after diaper-changing or before feeding. This added feature may not sound special, but it’s also quite rare. On top of everything else, there’s free hot water for mixing your baby formula.

With non-smoking restaurants and a nicely thought out changing room, the Akarenga Terrace is a great stop for any parents shopping or touring in downtown Sapporo.



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