Mammy : Sankaku-yama Apple Pie Specialty Shop

Today I am going to introduce a very good apple pie shop.
It is on Odori Nishi 17 Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo.

This shop is a sister shop of Café Jimmy Brown Sapporo.
Next time I want to eat lunch at Jimmy Brown.

The apples filled in their pie are locally produced in Sankaku-yama.
The shop staff is very friendly.

He highly recommends cinnamon apple pie.
It is delicious.

I learned for the first time that apples and cinnamon is a common combination.

Grammar Point
「美味しい!!」を表現 してみましょう!
*yum, yummy: カジュアルな表現・子どもや女性によく使われる
*good, great, tasty: 一般的によく使われる表現
*delicious: 少しかしこまって「大変美味しい」
*excellent, fantastic, fabulous, amazing, incredible, marvelous:

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